shutdown freezes

Opensuse 13.1

goes this far:

ok ] reached target shutdown
1360.222758 ] reboot: system halted

and freezes, every time.

It is not my usual method of leaving the Linux side as I normally perform a restart and select the Mac side on reboot, which works fine.
So it is not life threatening, just irritating.
Thank you kindly.

How are you actually trying to shutdown? If it is via your desktop’s options, please specify what desktop you are actually using.

Does “systemctl poweroff” work?

Trying to shutdown via KDE desktop.

Does “systemctl poweroff” work?

No, gives me this:

0.993871] i8042: no controller found
welcome to openSUSE 13.1 “Bottle” - Kernel 3.11.10 - 25 - desktop (ttyl)
S01060026080be348 login: 153.537566] reboot: System halted

That’s a message about a missing PS/2 mouse/keyboard, see here:
It’s irrelevant to you problem though, and is already printed during boot obviously, not during shutdown.

So it is no KDE issue, but a general one.

Please uninstall the package pm-utils and try again. systemd uses this if it is installed (for suspend/hibernate at least), but I’m not sure whether that applies to power off as well.

Does just “poweroff” work?

Can you post your kernel command line please? Things like “acpi=off” "or “apm=off” might prevent the power down.

cat /proc/cmdline

Other than that I’m out of ideas. I never experienced such a problem on any system.

But here’s some help how to diagnose shutdown problems with systemd:

Tried the forced poweroff, no dice. So i guess its a kernel issue, dadgummit.
I shall play around with it as some spare time comes my way.
Thanks for the response and tips.

Try to install the package “laptop-mode-tools”.
Apparently this seems to be necessary on certain systems (even desktop systems) according to .