Shutdown fails due to init

I have two computers with the same issue. When I shut down or restart they halt at the following error:

Init: no more processes at this run level

I looked at the startup at
/usr/lib/libv41/ fails to load on boot up called from /etc/

also see that /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/nfs exits with error status 6

I am not using NetworkManger as both systems are hard wired and servers.

Second system is a clean install with only all updates applied, the ONE click codec installed, and a few additional packages based on a howto.

sudo zypper install libdvdplay0 libffmpeg0 libquicktime0 smplayer smplayer-themes vlc xine-ui

First system is a quadcore running 6 GBs of memory and highend everything.

Second system is a older P4

Once system halts a hard off is required with a auto fsck on reboot.

With over 12 million files on the power rig I don’t need to have everything go down due to a bad fsck.