shutdown become restart

Hello Everyone,

I install OpenSUSE 15.3 RC in my Dell Precision notebook as a home server. I use command

sudo shutdown -h now


sudo shutdown -P now

to shutdown this notebook. But after it shutdown, it automatically reboot.

May I ask why, and how can I solve it? Thank you.

PS: I have disable the option in BIOS “Automatic boot when AC plugin.” At the moment, I’m using

sudo systemctl hibernate

to hibernate this notebook.

Some things to try based on this page:

  • Disable wifi before shutting down
  • Check BIOS for Wake-on-LAN, USB3 and Powermanagement settings

Thanks for your infomation.

Diasble wifi before shutdown does not work in my case. I have to totally disable Wake-on-LAN function (both wireless and ethernet) in BIOS, and then I can shutdown this notebook normally.

But I want to use Wake-on-LAN function to wake up this notebook which act as a home server in my home. :cry:

Anyone have good idea to solve this Wake-on-LAN problem? Thanks a lot.

Not a solution. :frowning:

But I can confirm that sometimes systems, when WOL is switched on in the BIOS, show this. I have had this myself years ago on a system and not long ago somebody reported this here on the forums. It shuts down and switches off and then immediately switches itself on again (as if a Wake on LAN was received) and boots. It is not the same as a reboot, because a reboot does not switch the system off before booting.

To debug WOL, can you, before you shut down, remove the Ethernet cable and see if the the laptop shuts down or reboots?

> sudo rfkill
ID TYPE      DEVICE              SOFT      HARD
 1 wlan      dell-wifi      unblocked unblocked
 2 bluetooth dell-bluetooth unblocked unblocked
 3 wlan      phy0           unblocked unblocked

I have tried shutdown all of them using

sudo rfkill block 1
sudo rfkill block 2
sudo rfkill block 3
sudo shutdown -P now

It doesn’t work either, it switches itself on again after shutdown. Right now, I open Wake-on-LAN in BIOS and use “sudo systemctl hibernate” to turn this notebook off.

If I install Windows System and open Wake-on-LAN in this notebook, it doesn’t have this problem. :cry:

You say you want to use WoL on this system. Did you already configure it for this? Maybe when the correct WoL option is set, it will not wake spontanious.

WOL works correctly.

This is how I set WOL on this notebook: based on

Each time before hibernate I have to setup wol property as below:
So the Ethernet cable LED keep light, and waiting to receive MagicPacket.

sudo ethtool -s em1 wol g
sudo systemctl hibernate

and then I use another computer to wake up this notebook.

sudo wol xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx

It works.


sudo shutdown -h now

still works like reboot. So I keep using hibernate.