Shutdown and restart icons missing from KDE Application Menu


Tumbleweed 64-bit Kernel 4.5.2-1-default

The title says it all. The leftmost column just to the left of K Application Menu now only shows Firefox, Configure Desktop and Logout icons. How do I get Shutdown and Restart icons back? They used to be above Logout icon.

Thanks for your help.


Did you test a new user to see if it exhibits the same phenomenon

Are they still there in the “Powermanagement / Session” sub menu?
If yes, just right-click on the ones you want and choose “Add to Favorites”.

The left-most column shows the (configurable) Favorites, this also applies to those icons.

If not, check that the option “Offer Shutdown options” is enabled in “Configure Desktop”->Startup and Shutdown->Session Management.

Plasma5 or KDE Plasma Workspace

@caf4926: Same problem even after logging in as a different user.

@wolfi323: The icons are not in either. All I see was Lock, Logout, and Switch user.

In any case, I can live with Log out, on which the screen shows both “Restart” and “Shutdown”.


Both are exactly the same… :wink:

@wolfi323: The icons are not in either. All I see was Lock, Logout, and Switch user.

Have you checked the config option I mentioned?

If that’s not the problem, it seems to be related to permissions, i.e. your user is not allowed to shutdown or reboot (or suspend/hibernate either).

What displaymanager are you using?
Try switching to a different one in /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager.
xdm should be installed by default, or install and try one of sddm, lightdm, or gdm.
Somebody in a different thread had a similar problem with kdm in Leap 42.1 recently, switching to sddm fixed it for him…

What repos do you have beyond the default?

@caf4926: I have as main repos: OSS, non-OSS, update. Other repos: Packman, source and debug.

@wolfi323: I did try the config menu you suggested but it did not work. Then I went to /etc/sysconfig, switching from sddm to xdm Desktop manager. After rebooting into X-Window, I could not do anything. I had to re-install Tumbleweed.

I am up to date now. Desktop manager is now sddm. When I hit the Leave icon, I see under System category the previously missing icons: Hibernate, Restart and Shutdown.