Shut down

When I shut down my Tumbleweed it stops and my cap lock button keeps flashing and I have to hard boot. Dell 6530…16gb ram 1Tb hd I5 processer


I do encounter the same problem on a Thinkpad x201 (i5-520m, 8GB RAM, legacy boot), OpenSuse Tumbleweed, since the kernel 5.14 update, with a kernel panic.

Selecting the previous 5.13 kernel during boot does restore the normal shutdown and reboot behaviors.

A reddit user on /r/openSuse reported that shutting down his wifi card (atheros) solved the problem for him, but this does not work on the x201 (which does have a mechanical switch on the side to shutdown wifi and bluetooth). Other users reported the same problem on other laptops like the thinkpad x220.

reddit thread for reference:

I’m also wondering if this problem only affects laptops as only laptop users seem to have reported it for the moment, or if it also affect Desktop users, and also if it affects server/VM users, and other flavors of OpenSuse (I especially think about MicroOS and Kubic which I happily run both at home and at work - it’s a fantastic kubernetes-oriented distribution imho. I can modify my home cluster’s kured daemonset setup to upgrade/reboot tonight and tomorrow if needed, in order to confirm normal behavior with the 5.14 kernel on KVM VMs).


Probably the same issue:!-Should-I-be-worried

Hi, indeed it does seems like it’s the same issue, thank you for your reply.

I should have searched a bit more in the forums, my bad :/.