Shut Down Problem

Hello friends,

My open suse 11.1 computer fails to shutdown at some times…The progress bar which shows up when i give “shutdown” complete`s fully…but the computer does not power off and i have to switch off power supply switches to stop it…This especially happens when use Audio/Video applications before shutting down the computer…can anyone help…

Any help would be greatly appreciated…


If you press Esc. during the close down, the green splash should go and you can see the system messages. They may give us a clue.

Yes i tried it… and it said that…some thing is "failed…"i will tel what is that…next time it happens…

Here is the error message which was thrown when the “shutdown” command failed:

mm-system-settings:nm_sysconfig_settings_remove_connection:assertion ‘NM_IS_SYSCONFIG_SETTINGS(self)’ failed done

ANy body out there to solve this problem…???

Please try booting using the failsafe boot option and see if this still happens.

some interesting reading here:‘NM_IS_SYSCONFIG_SETTINGS(self)’+failed

too much for me to read since i don’t have this problem…but, if i
did i would read all of it…i did read enough to learn that the “NM”
mentioned is “Network Manager”…

Andy Sipowicz