Shut down or Restart

Just installed Gnome 3.0 on Open Suse 11.4, now can not find “shutdown or restart” tag, having to shutdown computer by using terminal:\

And look at top right of the login screen

Did as you said, all I get when I log out is a screen that says that I will be loged out in 60 seconds and then starts count down, only buttons on screen are across bottom, on left says “cancel” on right says “log out” nothing else on screen except my user name and avatar on left top?

Are you sure you are actually running gnome3?
If so, how did you go about installing it?
Have you read the other gnome3 threads currently in the forum?

Downloaded it from the “openSUSE:GNOME 3.0” link, and used the “one click install button for 64bit”…think that it is GNOME 3.0 I am running as it is a whole new screen and stuff…no I have not read all the other GNOME 3.0 info in the forum yet…will do…how can I tell if it is all GNOME 3.0?

Have a look here
Gnome 3 & 11.4 Known Issues & Workarounds

I have gnome3 from a couple of weeks ago, it was the one everyone had trouble with. I’m just downloading the new .iso and will install it in an hour or so.
You should know if you have gnome3 as it’s totally different](

Did you do a new install? Including a format to /home ?

not sure of if new install and format to /home, just followed the link that I mentioned…also I noticed that there were several different programs that it wouldn’t accept…like blue ray…I am sure it is GNOME 3.0 as it is an entirely different type of desktop disiplay, everything is on the top…not bad once I got use to it…kinda like it…should I try and reinstalling??? btw thanks for your help

Sorry, missed this one, click on your user name to bring down the menu, then press the alt key :wink: It changes to shutdown.

Right. So you are not very experienced?
At least it sounds that way.

So you did a One click install?
If so. Try this…
Open Yast and go to the security and users section and create a new user account, just call it testuser
Now logout and then in with the new account
Is it any better? If not see next comment…

How important is this current install to you, is it the machine you use and need all the time? I ask because you are treading slightly dangerous ground really.
If you want the best experience of gnome3, download the latest .iso from here
Index of /repositories/GNOME:/Medias/images/iso
Pick the one you need and burn it to a DVD
Then try it in live mode. If it seems good, install it, format your /home partition too (Backup anything you need first)

Mark it off as solved…malcolmlewis solved the mystery for me…THANKS to all of you that offered your help…

I just tried a Fedora version that came with Linux Format and this isn’t necessary, least not in the Live CD.

Maybe they have the gnome-shell-extensions installed, as that add the feature?

Go it :smiley: