Show KDE and Gnome on GRUB bootloader

I installed first Gnome (using the 11.1 intall DVD) and then I installed KDE using the same. On the bootloader screen, I have only KDE as a choice. How do I get to choose either distribution?
Thanks for the help.


the bootloader just loads the system, no choice of the windows or display manager or anything else concerning your “user inferface”.

Do you mean “login screen”? Or do your boot directly into gnome desktop?

Did you log out from your desktop session? Which options do you see, when you klick on session (bottom left of your login screen)? When you prefer kde, you might like to use the kde display manager (kdm) as well…

Whatever option you choose from Session at the login screen will become the default at your next login. Simply click on Session at your next login to select the alternative if you don’t want what you were using last.