Show Full Post button behavior

In the News and Announcements section of the forum there is a behavior difference in the “Show Full Post…” button depending on the type of post being displayed.

In a post such as the following, pressing the button does what is indicated:

In a post such as the following, pressing the button never loads the post:

I experience these behaviors using both Firefox on Tumbleweed and Firefox on Android.

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I apologize. This should be moved to Forum feedback.

@doscott two different places and users… for the snapshot release notices, click on the link to the Mailing List at present, not sure if that can be changed @hellcp, can it?

Not sure what you are asking

@hellcp for the news posting bot posts, the ‘show full post’ button takes you to the news page, for the Tumbleweed snapshots the same button does not take you to the ML post only the real link.

It doesn’t, show full posts expands the post on the forums

It does not for the link below, it is stuck on Loading …

New Tumbleweed snapshot 20230123 released! - English / News and Announcements - openSUSE Forums

Yeah, I suspect the body size is too large, I will have a look why that happens later