"show desktop" widget not working openSUSE 12.1 KDE

hello everyone,

as the topic says, the “show desktop” widget isn’t working.
if i choose “add widget” and try to add “show desktop”, my panel gets nothing, but an “invisible space”, as if the space for the widget was there, but there is just the panel and no “mini desktop” icon. it happens nothing if i left-click over. if i right click over it, i have the normal options to configure and delete the widget. had anyone here a similar experience? any information is very welcome.

thank you all

Works here for me in 12.1 and 12.2

Test a new user login, see if it has the same issues. Because it sounds like your current user config is messed up.

i did it as you said, and it was the same with a new user. i had twice an instalation error, because of a videocard, and i had to re-install the system. i noticed, the two times i reinstalled this, i could see this problem with the show desktop widget. and seems to be the only one, since i tested other widgets and they work all fine.

solved this using opensuse from the liveCD