show desktop help

is there a way to get an icon “show desktop” to my desktop?
thanks for help

Why would you want the icon on the Desktop?

Any way tell me, are you kde or gnome?

I’m in kde
I meant the apps that does show desktop function
sometimes I open many sites and apps then I want to minimize them at once instead click every single app

You can add a widget to the panel called ‘Show Desktop’
Just unlock the widgets from right click on desktop
click the small cashew icon in the far right of the panel
select add widget
in the search type: desktop
Add the widget, move it to where you want it
lock the widgets

thank you;)

You are welcome

sorry to bother you again
how to close an app when it is freeze?
sorry for many newbie questions
appreciate it

Usually if you click the close button it will bring up a terminate? box

It may just take a brief moment to appear.

If it doesn’t go to
Start > Applications > System > Monitor > System Monitor

You will get a list of running applications, highlight the one in question and hit the Kill button. You can’t kill root apps here.