Shouldn't have renamed Software Repositories and Software Manager shortcuts

In 15.2 the names for the new Software Repositories and Software Manager have YaST added to them. When I click on Activities and type in “software”, it’s not possible to distinguish between the applications. Hovering the mouse over the icons is no help because that action doesn’t open up the full title. Please rename the icons back to what they are in 15.1 or put “YaST” at the end of the name.

This renaming is unnecessary because it adds no value.

Please always tell exactly what you are doing where. When you use a desktop, explain which one. When you use a program tell which one. And then take your audience along your step by step path so that they can follow what you did and reproduce it without looking over your shoulders. Do not expect that the particular thing you do is the same as others do all the time and that they thus will understand you without doubt.

Writing a post like this won’t change anything. We’re just regular users like you. More details please.

I am unable to include a screenshot or else I would have.

I should have mentioned that I’m using Gnome. Other than that, reproducing the symptom is pretty simple. Click on “Activities” in the top bar. In “Type to search…” type in “software”. The search windows shows the shortcuts for opening the Software Repository and the Software Manager. Under the icons for each is the application name. Unfortunately, only “YaST Software” is shown so I can’t tell which shortcut goes with which utility.

I tried to reduce the size of the desktop shortcuts but that made no difference when using the “Activities” menu/screen.

Another way to get an even better example of what I’m talking about is to click on the “Show Applications” button. Then, show “All” applications. Scroll down to “YaST2 Mod…” ( suspect this is YaST2 Modules). Click to open the sub menu. Scroll down to “Software”. Both shortcuts say “YaST Softw…”. OpenSuSE 15.1 is the same in this respect except that the titles are “Software Manag…” and “Software Reposi…”. At least I can still tell which shortcut open the desired utility.

Hovering the mouse over the shortcuts doesn’t expand the titles so that’s no help. Single-clicking the shortcut opens the utility so that’s no help either, except I can tell if I clicked on the right shortcut by the utility that opens. Right-clicking the shortcut and selecting “Details” opens “Software 3.34.2”. Right-clicking the shortcut and selecting “Add to Favorites” adds the shortcut to “Favorites” and there I can finally hover the mouse over the icon to see the full name of the utility.

This isn’t a new problem but it’s never been bad enough to make a fuss. I suppose I could remember what the icons for each utility look like but, in my opinion, the full name should display. Possible solutions are to use a shorter and less similar title, reduce the font size or use a second line of text for long titles.

Hope that helps. If there’s a way to include a screenshot in this forum post, let me know how.

I am not using Gnome, thus I can not answer (I have no idea what you are talking about, when I want to do software/repo management, I use YaST).

You can upload images to (use the Image button top-right).
Then publish the URL of the page (not the image) in your post (using tH Globe button in the tool bar of the post editor).

Okay, I think I see what you are complaining about.

There’s a “Yast Software Management” and a “Yast Software Repositories”. But the names are abbreviated, and both show up as just “Yast Software”.

I normally use KDE. And when I do use Gnome, I would be looking for just Yast. However, typing “Yast” into the search bar is not very helpful either. I would suggest using “Show Applications”, find the one that says just “Yast” and lock that to your favorites bar. That would be the one to use.

As to why the changes from 15.1 – that’s presumable part of the change from Gnome 3.26 (used in 15.1) to Gnome 3.34 (used in 15.2).

To the @OP,
Although you’re posting about how repositories appear in a graphical tool,
In this particular case the graphical tool is likely displaying text data, so you can simply post the text data part to show what is necessary.

And, displaying just the relevant text data is easy to do…
Just open a terminal (anything but xterm on openSUSE supports the clipboard so you can copy and paste)
Then type the following in that terminal(You’ll have to provide your root password)

sudo zypper lr -d

You can then got to your terminal’s menu options, “select all” and “copy”
Paste into your Forum post within

 tags which are created easily with the hash(#) button.

From that,
People can see the names and aliases for each repository and possibly suggest modifying.


Likely dues to the changes to YaST and the desktop filenames now org.opensuse.YaST* and org.opensuse.yast* there is also a change to org.opensuse.yast.Packager.desktop (not shown in GNOME or MATE), it has to use a wrapper script now.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to everyone. It looks like nrichert is on the same page with me. There are images at:

The best work-around is to put the launcher into the Dash. That way, hovering over the icon will show the full utility name. I suppose I could learn the association between the icon and the utility but the two icons are quite similar and it will take several times using the utilities to learn which one goes with which utility.

My suggestion is to show the pop-up when hovering the mouse pointer over the launcher, regardless of the view that it’s in or allowing more than one line in the title area.

As a side-note, it would have helped to know the restrictions on file extensions, files sizes and title length in SUSE Paste before the first time I attempted to upload an image.

Just an adminstrative remark.

Next time you post links (URLs) in a post, please use the Link button, it is the one that looks like a globe. Then people will be able just to click on it andf not to have to paste/copy them.