Should someone be working on Forums responsiveness?

A quick check using any web browser’s Developer Tools indicates that the big cause of the current slow page loading is related to “Userinfo” elements, and boy, are there a lot of them on every page…

Not only are there the explicitly named “userinfo” elements but there are also lots and lots of clear pixels which are typically used as tracking beacons.

Every one of these elements loads ungodly slow (well over 200ms),
But I also am amazed that so many tracking beacons exist… I’d think that only one or a <very> few would be necessary for common uses, especially since there is no advertising or 3rd party (besides Google Analytics) code in our Forums.

The <real> problem is likely the very slow responsiveness of the Microfocus authentication system and how it’s deployed…
Seems to me that it’s possible that a call is being made to authenticate <with every page view> which if true seems to me to be overkill if it’s permanent for Forums usage.
Authentication should be done only once, and after that use some lightweight method like cookies (ie don’t store large authentication tokens on a Server somewhere and make calls to it constantly). Although more load intensive architectures might be interesting for testing and experimenting, I don’t think that such testing should extend for weeks with no end in sight (Various authentication issues have existed since the Big Change a few months ago).

Someone needs to look into this if not already.

IMO and Thx,

The MF-IT department is already on it, Forums Team has been discussing this as well.

It’s beeing looked into… thanks.

Kim - 6/13/2018 1:13:51 PM

In general that’s as much as can be expected.
I wouldn’t expect a magic bullet with instantaneous results.


I just happened to access the forums a few minutes ago and found signs of “happenings.”
Waited a few more minutes and refreshed some pages and accessed a few more…

What a diff!
Let me perhaps be the first one to post how GREAT the Forums perform now!


Not for me!
More then 5 seconds with first logon, IF I’m lucky enough not to have to repeat my login user/password
Then 5 seconds after the " New Posts" button.
Then every change of page with the exeption of pageback >4 sec.
(using Vivaldi with Umatrix but 1 st Party allowed
From the ones that I use by far the slowest forum. (But I like openSUSE :slight_smile: )

… it comes and goes, and will do so until a final solution is implemented.:wink:

So far I’m seeing a major improvement (using Chrome)

Whereas before, no page loaded <9 seconds, many longer.
If a post was submitted, likely because of complexity it would easily be twice that long.
Intermittently, there would also be a long pause of varying seconds waiting for a server response adding to the above.
Page loads were so slow, sometimes I’d have time to quickly read some other web page entirely and return just in time for the Forum page load to finally complete.

Currently, almost every page I’ve visited has either completed loading in less than 5 seconds, many within 2 seconds.


Currently, almost every page I’ve visited has either completed loading in less than 5 seconds, many within 2 seconds.

It’s all in the way you hold your tongue :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes … to the left and down, not to the right. And, you need to squint with one eye, but I forget which one.

On Fri, 15 Jun 2018 05:36:03 +0000, deano ferrari wrote:

>> Currently, almost every page I’ve visited has either completed loading
>> in less than 5 seconds, many within 2 seconds.
> It’s all in the way you hold your tongue :stuck_out_tongue:

That would seem to make it very difficult to type.

Jim Henderson
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I just felt the need to say that the forums can be so slow being accessed here from the UK, I get timeouts or just plain slow responses to both logging in and accessing the forums. I’ve not measured actual timings but this is the only forum set I have this issue with. How has the investigation progressed? Is what I am seeing a true forum issue or perhaps due to the path from the UK to it?


We think it is the forums (or the infrastructure it is in). So relax. the UK is not seen from the forums as the end of the world where the internet reaches only bit-by-bit. :wink:

The general idea here is that it is better then it was last week (still not very snappy, but I doubt it ever was). When you think it is still as worse as last week (and the week before), please report so. I have no doubt we and our technical supporters are watching with interest.

Thanks for the update. I must admit it seems very unresponsive quite a lot of the time but then it will suddenly behave quite well for a short while. To be honest I dont think anything here has really improved recently. This moring I gat a couple of timeouts but just now accessing this it seemed quite good all of a sudden! It seems very unpredictable.


Thanks for the report. Apart from what we as staff experience (and we are like others spread over the globe), reports from others may help.

You might also check your DNS Servers to see if they are part of the problem.

I use DNS Benchmark to get a custom list of servers, then run the test. It runs under Wine. From there, I choose the best two that I trust and put them in my Router configuration. Then, in openSUSE, I set my Router as first DNS Server, and add my next 3 choices for DNS Servers in there.

I do this whenever some of the internet seems to really slow down, plus check it once a month. The change in DNS Servers can make a dramatic difference at times.

I have in the past run DNSBench and at the time the servers I was using were the fastest however having run again today things have changed and although the servers I was using have nothing wrong with them I have now changed to faster ones and will see if it makes any difference.