Should one activate NX in their system BIOS?

‎The bottom line, should we check this bios setting? Seems useful. I never heard of it before. I don’t Linux ever checks for this BIOS setting, does it?

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I was experimenting the same behaviour in my T410. With recent snapshots
(november) or building a new GENERIC.MP kernel after update from CVS,
the system freezes just when the boot process starts.

I can confirm that the system boots normally after activate NX. In my
thinkpad’s bios the NX is located at:

Security / Memory Protection / Execution Prevent

I don’t know if this behaviour is intentionally or a bug. In 5.6 stable
the system boots though NX is deactivated.

I must say too that the system is much more stable doing suspend/resume.
With 5.6 stable the system tends to hang on resume. But with current
suspend/resume works perfect.



NX support has been in Linux kernel for a decade now, yes - you should just enable it.

You’ll naturally need BIOS support and on some systems like HP servers it seems to default off at least on the older G series.