Should Novell buyout Mandriva?

Well seems like Novell is doing pretty well financially,and suse is just shy of being number 1 distro, hovered over by the great Ubuntu.Suse seems to be one of the easiest, up to date but stable, just works and fast distro (despite just starting, i really like it a lot) Suse also has a lot of popularity and good choices made.

On the other hand, Mandriva has the magic of the desktop too. MCC, easy to use, up to date releases, etc. But problem, mandriva’s upper management constantly is shooting themselves in the foot.Same way the 2006 year they dropped from number one to 9, and sorta made they way slightly back to 6 with user trust slowly coming back, but it seems they are starting up again.How Long it took mandriva to give answers Open letter to Mandriva/Mandriva SA | Mandriva Forum was pathetic, and the new story of the day with distrowatch Mandriva at Linuxtag 2009 in Berlin, Germany | Mandriva Forum mandriva’s stock price has fell yet again to .19 with Capitalization 2,932,855.58 Euronext - MANDRIVA : Share price Stock price Quotes information that is dirt cheap, and considering how much mandriva gets done with their bare bone staff, all the great software that constantly head to head with SuSe like Mandriva Control Center, the drake tools, super fast URMPI, stable and up to date desktop, yet mandriva is facing a finacial hell that the community is always worrying about future of mandriva or will it close shop tomorrow. Could novell take advantage of this?

Think about how much icing on the cake the new Suse/Mandriva would be with the 2 teams working together.The YaSt team working together with the MCC team, and etc all the competing values working together. We have too many linux distros, and too much effort for giving the same thing. If we can get linux working together slowly starting with Mandriva and Suse, would that be a powerful force? The 2 marketshare combined would top ubuntu giving number 1 position for novell with the home market in the linux world. With mandriva’s ability to make the magic software, and Novell strong upper management,i can’t see any 2 distros working together any better then these two. Red hat buying mandriva seems very unlikely as fedora and mandriva are in different directions.Suse and mandriva seems like the best chemistry, and mandriva is dirt cheap.

Linux again has too many distros, people trying to make theirs the best when it similar to someone else.It makes it harder to choose a distro, and they are not as polished as if they would be if the man power went together.After all we are all trying to go after the pie of microsoft, but we can never do that with all the ditro wars we are having.

What are your opinions?

I’m not sure:
1.The gov’ts involved
2.NOVL’s finances are not really enough IMO to absorb Mandriva
3.There’d probably be much resistance to give up yast to MCC & the like as well as customer resistance

the thing is, mandriva community is very unsure about the future of mandriva, it is why the open letter thread made it to 12 pages of begging mandriva to respond, and they threw us a little bone and then went back their cave, then comes linuxtag commotion. Mandriva community is starting to get louder, and are very unhappy with the management, and over the years more and more have just decided to leave. Mandriva fairly close to closing the shop, no innavation with future with the news they give us, it is a very clueless company.I don’t see too much community resistance besides the mono no no advocates.I have been in the mandriva community for a while now, so i know what it is like on that side.

Btw Novell has enough money to buy mandriva many times over NOVL: NOVELL INC Stock Quote Novell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

On Tue, 23 Jun 2009 00:26:02 +0000, Sagemta wrote:

> 2.NOVL’s finances are not really enough IMO to absorb Mandriv

Well, a billion dollars in the bank is nothing to sneeze at, but I would
prefer Novell continue working on improving its operating margins rather
than have to have those margins eaten up by restructuring costs brought
about from more acquisitions.

In my personal (not professional) opinion, of course.


On Tue, 23 Jun 2009 00:46:01 +0000, panther86 wrote:

> INC Stock Quote

Market capitalization (which I assume you’re referring to here) is not
the same as cash on hand…


One other item I thought is that NOVL isn’t very good at marketing.
Madriva is/was as bad or worse. This’d be a case of blind leading the blind.

Mandriva went into bankruptcy not to long ago, and are ready to go again, a crippling company like mandriva should be easy to pick up.

I don’t think there would be too much restructring costs, it would be well worth it in the end. Mandriva has their products at very high quality, its the company shoots themselves in the foot all the time, Novell can make sure stupid decisions don’t happen.The only thing that would take a bit to do would be merging suse and mandriva, as it would take time to integrate all the features. But again, this would make Novell the leader of linux as far as home use and would knock ubuntu off of the 1 position.

This chart is a bit old Financial Q3 results for 2008 | Mandriva linux and i think mandriva is doing even worse atm as they had to get rid of adam, one of their best and most talented employee that was quickly picked up by red hat.I don’t there there is any way mandriva would be too much $$$ for Novell to absorb.Mandriva makes great products that could easily be the money cow, but mandriva doesn’t know how, they have a limited box that they can’t really think anything outside of it, just like their buyout of connectiva, connectiva had much to offer mandriva, but mandy couldn’t think much outside of the acquisition.

if it would be too much for novell to handle at this time, they could easily just do slow phase out, mandriva will still be running on their own under novell for a few years and features slowly start merging together with suse until the goal is complete then do whatever they want with the mandriva brand.heck, they could even make Suse for enterprise only, and make their home edition version and free version the mandriva branding with merged features of both of the current os (kinda like Red Hat and Fedora)

Maybe not a buyout,. but maybe a merger or partnership would help.
Mandriva is slipping into nothingness, someones going to take up from it…
And I think the one that might pull it out might either Novell or even Canonical.

i would prefer that too, but mandriva is such a tiny company compared to Novell it wouldn’t sound right to be a merger with a company that has close to billion dollars and widely known at no 2, while a company at number 6 in debt with low profits ,low revenue, less then 100 employees when novell has 4100 employees.

Suse is not “just shy of being number 1 distro” if you use google’s statistics for searches as a measure. That puts Ubuntu an order of magnitude in front of Suse which itself is way behind Fedora. They’re kind of like this:
Ubuntu : Fedora : Suse = 10 : 5 : 1

So if Novell bought Mandriva, that would get it a better hold in the market, maybe change things to like 5: 2.5 : 1.

But I’ve thought for a long time that Canonical’s success is like Microsoft’s: great marketing by business-oriented ppl. So it would be better IMO if Novel spent the money it might spend on buying Mandriva, instead spend it on marketing.

Two cents – back to the cave…

But I’ve thought for a long time that Canonical’s success is like Microsoft’s: great marketing by business-oriented ppl. So it would be better IMO if Novel spent the money it might spend on buying Mandriva, instead spend it on marketing.

My point exactly when it comes to marketing, I hate to say this,Novell sucks at it. Just google or bing linux Ubu is 5th from the top in Google & 6th from the top on Bing. In Google Suse doesn’t even register on page 1 it’s 4th item on page3 in Bing Suse is the last item on page1. Even then it’s for SLED or SLES if you’re an average enduser you’re not interested in that! Also I know from my own personal experience I wouldn’t think to hover over that “+” then click All Products & then do an alphabetical search. No…No…No!
If I’m a new guy fed up with windows & I hear about Linux I’m going in expecting to find it very easy to find this thing called Linux.
After all when I heard about Firefox I googled it, found it 1st thing. Over at Ubu these guys know that’s how people do things.
When you go there to Ubu you get everything you need to get acquainted with it a tour with screenshots, a link to their forums.
Compare that to Opensuse & it’s no contest. That’s how it happened for me. I’m sure a similar experience has been & will continue for others.
So that’s why I say a NOVL aquisition of Mandriva even if gotten for 855.58 Euros(don’t know what that’d be in USD) would be useless if it’s not marketed properly. If the consumer doesn’t know you exist then they don’t see you. It’s just that simple.
Finally, for anyone that’s interested in how I found Suse it was mentioned in the Mozillazine back in the 9.3 to 10.0 days.
Ubuntu I found as I stated in this post.

it would be a good move, mandriva have some nice technologies.

Hate to tell you guys, but community really don’t mean that much when it comes to business… (Even though they do most of the work) It’s depressing, SLES/SLED is where it’s at, not openSUSE. If Novell bought Mandriva, what would they have? Nothing, an also ran distro that wouldn’t serve any purpose to their business. For 2 1/2 Euro, it’s better to let the company die, then pick up the pieces. Not to mention, if their distro was any good, thanks to the GPL, any distro could’ve picked up the pieces a’la PCLinuxOS…

What I express is my very personal opinion so nobody shall feel hurt here…

I don’t think that Novel has currently the culture of an opensource company.
It also doesn’t seem to have a particularly “fortunate” management.
Furthermore has it recently shown several severe moments of doubt about their commitment in Linux and IMHO has a problem of being too less focused in any of their businesses. When I look at Novel today it seems to have a look at a Grocery shop. A bit of everything. Then they fire a lot of developers in the Linux line for suddenly “discovering” that they earn a lot of money with Linux support, just a month later.

Novel risked and still risk to loose a lot of their users base in Europe, while gaining very little in the US. The current quality of 11.1 shocked many long term users and when it comes to “psychological handling” of the community they are even worse ((“openSUSE is linux for the amateur”:X…tssss you can think it but IMO, you shall not shout it).

Maybe Mandriva has a lot of technology but the issue is that it is their overall business model that cannot work. The fairy tail of the “free market” rotfl! is not applicable to the IT sector when it comes to OS and PC desktop. Seems more like the case of the health care market: a long and constant story of market failures.In particular Mandriva did not build up a credible business like Fedora did for server maintenance.

See what happened to Mandriva when they earned the public tender in Nigeria and then the Nigerian gov “changed it’s mind”…apparently helped in this by some “pocket money”. Oh yes, habeus corpus, I know.
The fact is, Mandriva is in trouble because they face a monopoly on the PC desktop market where pre-installed OS is still possible and therefore have trouble to finance themselves.

Personally I feel that, if Mandriva would be eliminated, either by buy out or bankruptcy this would be a great loss because the distribution qualitatively and technically is in several aspects quite superior to other competitors.

And then: you cannot simply “import technology” to another distribution.
Human resources are the heart of the distribution and if developers do not share the US way of handling HRs, what do you actually buy? See what happened with the core SUSE staff, does not seem a straightforwardly “easy going” development. As you should well know an international company is not necessarily international when it comes to middle management culture.

Then Novel already does not have a great reputation on what is the consequences of their buys. Look at the sad story of AppArmour. What happened to the developers? Was Novel then able to develop well the programme?

After this follows the discussed deal with MS. Technically intelligent but so badly sold in terms of reputation and communicated totally inefficient way. Not to speak about the “MONO” problem. It is good if I am given the opportunity to choose to use it. But is Linux about being “forced” to install it? (lol!Wait there is a beagle running around the house messing it up…zypper-pumpgun…solved! lol!

Novel may well buy Mandriva to eliminate a concurrent. But what will cost that in terms of even more reputation loss in the open source world?

**In conclusion: Novel should maybe not buy Mandriva. It should work on its internal culture regarding opensource and improve communicational skills with its user base. And it should focus its business asap. **

Sun Tzu sais:If the general is weak and not disciplined, his instructions not clear, the officers and troops lack discipline and their formation in disarray, this is called chaos.

But then these are very personal views of mine.

P.S. Fortunately we have the GPL

Should Novell buyout Mandriva?


Mandriva should die the death it should have several years ago.

Sometimes things just need to go away, Mandriva is one of them.

Just redirect to openSuse and thats it. rotfl!

If it goes through, it will be another blow to KDE-based distributions. Frankly, the reason SUSE is now so GNOME-centric is due to its buyout by Novell.

Mandriva is an excellent KDE-based distribution where they don’t just package KDE but actually work to integrate into the distribution.

No, I would not like to see Novell doing to Mandriva what it already did (sadly) to SuSE, which was, IMO, the finest KDE distribution!

On 6/23/2009 10:16 PM, kwr2k wrote:
> If it goes through, it will be another blow to KDE-based distributions.
> Frankly, the reason SUSE is now so GNOME-centric is due to its buyout by
> Novell.
> Mandriva is an excellent KDE-based distribution where they don’t just
> package KDE but actually work to integrate into the distribution.
> No, I would not like to see Novell doing to Mandriva what it already
> did (sadly) to SuSE, which was, IMO, the finest KDE distribution!
I find statements like that kind of funny. I don’t see openSUSE as
gnome-centric at all. I see it went from KDE-centric distro to a DE/WM
neutral distro. Both DE’s get the same amount of attention now and KDE
is still the best on openSUSE I think.

Agreed, KDE in openSUSE is the best in my experience.

Sles is gnome centric agreed but then, apples and pears.

Why stop at Mandriva? Let’s buy France.