Should I use GUI on a home file server?

I managedto get a Samba Share working with a graphical program in Ubuntu, but am looking to switch it over to to openSUSE.

I saw YaST has the Samba server option which I thought was great, but part of me really wants to dig a bit deeper to see how it all works. Which I suppose means trying to do all this from the terminal.

I was sort of wondering if the trade off was truly worth it for a home server, or should I use the GUI and just learn in a VM. I was pondering using xfce as I was pretty impressed with the openSUSE version of it

Anyway, any opinions are welcome, I am going to continue searching the forums.

You know that every YaST module can be accessed from GUI or ncurses, don’t you?

I don’t even know what ncurses is. Well, I have a general idea now thanks to google!

No real need to know the word ‘ncurses’ (like there is no real need to know the word ‘coil’ when you use an electrical dust remover), but it helps.
For a simple practical test, start a terminal in superusermode and start YaST like this:

henk@boven:~> su -
boven:~ # yast

Use the Tab key to walk around, Return to activate or Alt-Capital-of the-item to do both in one move.

On a server only system I do only a text install, thus never have any GUI on it.

Oh man, that is great.