should i upgrade to 11.3?

i’m currently running 11.2 with the latest kde4 and i’m wondering if there’s any point to upgrading to 11.3? my 11.2 set up has been ultra reliable, and is just the way i want it. so…if you think i should move, why?

thanks guys :slight_smile:

Yes, why? As long as it is supported and you do not use your system to play withe the newest of the newest, but use it for what most people use systems for (banking, music, surfing the Internet),there is no need. When you have new hardware which might be suppported in 11.3, or really need new software features, those are reason to upgrade. But when you want stability, keep 11.2 until end of support (or later, I still have one 10.3 running and I could explain know why and no, I am not afraid for the lack of security on that system).

thestig wrote:
> my 11.2 set up has been ultra reliable, and is just the way i want it.

rule one: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

however, some say: if it ain’t broke, fix it until it is.

you choose which path is best for YOU to follow!

but, if you want to know what i would do, look below and see if you
find a clue… :slight_smile:

CAVEAT: [posted via NNTP w/openSUSE 10.3]

I did it, and see no difference in way I handle things. I am sure it’s not worth the fuss for the moment, unless there is something which you really need and 11.2 dont have it. I usually go on pair versions, this is the 1st time odd version worked… well almost, save kernel problem, with old kernel works.
So, if you want to mess with it and have spare time, go for it… if your system works as you want it… why then?

On Wed, 28 Jul 2010 10:22:56 +0000, DenverD wrote:

> however, some say: if it ain’t broke, fix it until it is.

Or “if it ain’t broke, you’re not tryin’.” – Red Green. :slight_smile:


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thanks for the replies guys,

i think i’m going to leave it be for now. and probably wait until the next version comes out, presumably that will be 12.0?

the laptop is 2-3 years old now and everything is very well supported with 11.2 so i don’t have any need to change, the main reason i keep up to date is security but as you have rightly said, 11.2 is still supported :slight_smile:

and windows has never been used on this laptop. it was removed the day i got it :slight_smile:

Seems you already made your decision, but in case still want to know one difference:
my laptop:
11.2 avarage work temperature 85°C
11.3(desktop kernel) avarage work temperature 72°C
Every other system I tryed on that machine was at best with 11.2 temperature.

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A rule of thumb I follow is wait between 2-3 months before thinking about switching on a production machine.

Well, i know another sentence.

Never change a running system

But in essence its the same. If you are not absolutely committed to fix a new system, it might be not worth the trouble. Like if you have no time, or any other reason.

For me, i like everything new so i usually upgrade no matter what since i ignore the rule for me.rotfl!

I’ll follow this path:
if it ain’t broke, fix it until it is.
and surely will **have a lot of fun **.:wink:

Your system runs 10deg. cooler on 11.3 than 11.2? That’s worth an upgrade.

Does 11.3 run slower than 11.2 to your knowledge, (read in another topic)?

RE: should i upgrade to 11.3

I say yes, if you are running 10.3, you are bored with 11.2, can use 10deg. cooling on your laptop, want an 11,3 app or just recently installed 11.2; and you backed up your all your configuration, hidden and important data files and tested your restore.

Otherwise, I’d say no, 11.1 and 11.2 seemsa rock solid releases with good repos, plenty to explore in both releases.

The problem is you usually get to a point where with all the updates you will be downloading you might as well do a fresh install.

ns89 wrote:
> The problem is you usually get to a point where with all the updates you
> will be downloading you might as well do a fresh install.

what you say doesn’t make sense…because even with a fresh install
(of 11.3) you are gonna have updates…and, the later in the eight
month cycle, the larger the number of updates…so, there is no
incentive to move to 11.3 now, if 11.2 is making him happy…

and, if he has been doing only 11.2 updates along the way, they
usually come less and less often…so, again no push to leave
comfortable, still works, still supported 11.2

ymmv, and the variance is mostly dependent on the goal–if the goal is
to always have the latest and greatest no matter the pain, downtime,
fiddling required, that is one way to approach your personal needs…

the other thing is maybe you actually intend to do some ‘work’ with
your machine and it is important to have a dependable, stable, usable,
predictable system which does everything you need it to do–in that
case, why change?

while supported, updates will come if you change or not, so that is
not a factor…

CAVEAT: [posted via NNTP w/openSUSE 10.3]

Graphics for sure does not look/feel as good as in 11.2, speaking mainly for my desktop with nVidia, the laptop with ATI was never ‘good’ in any kind for GPU stuff. I guess desktop effects plus a lot of open windows can cause some problems. Otherwise some DSPs seems to work the same or fiew miliseconds faster.

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You start naming your kids Fortran, COBOL, Algol, and Pascal.

Hmmm… I did a fresh install of 11.3 and then copied my backup of /home from 11.2

Everything went so smooth I was suspicious.

Not anymore. Things seem just a little bit faster, snappier, smoother, I don’t know… more solid? Feels like 10.3!

11.2 always felt to me to be on the verge of … umm… crashing. It never did, but I never trusted it. 11.3 just feels solid.

I know that’s not a scientific analysis, but I don’t know how else to explain it.

Would I recommend 11.3? As Sarah Palin says, “You betcha!”

Bart (Ducking and running)

Please be aware that all these experiences depend very much upon the usage one makes of the system (and most posting here do not tell what they use when they say everything is going smooth). Take care that 11.3 comes with KDE 4.4.4 where at least several people have big problems using Kadressbook. So when your day to day worl depends very much on using an integrated Kaddressbook with Kmail, etc., be warned.