Should I 'switch system packages' in 11.4 packman to Tumbleweed's pacman?

I’m with Tumbleweed now,before upgrade to Tumbleweed,I installed some package from 11.4 Packman,now should I ‘switch system packages’ in 11.4 Packman to ‘Tumbleweed all of Packman’ ? When I check the package version in ‘Tumbleweed all of Packman’,most of them from ‘vendor’.

Not all packages are available in Tumbleweed as Packman only supplies ‘Essentials’ for TWeed.
Where as you may have been using the Complete list in 11.4
You may have to experiment, as it may not be necessary, but probably preferred. And if you use a driver like ‘broadcom-wl’ you will certainly need to switch.

I would switch and update packages to versions in Packman-tumbleweed repo, using YaST, with the 11.4 packman repo disabled. If you then have residual packman packages that were installed from 11.4, they should now show in red. You can then choose to keep or remove them. If you keep them, at some stage you may need to temporarily attach/enable 11.4 packman to update those residual packages carefully and probably individually, in case of conflicts. I would then disable 11.4 packman repo. Best if you keep 11.4 packman packages to a minimum on Tumbleweed.

Yes you should use the packages from the tumbleeed packman repo and use the 11.4 packman repo for the rpm’s not included in the former.