should I leave the SUSE 11.0 DVD repository diabled?


When I was installing the HP Imaging and Printing Software I was instructed to disable the SUSE 11.0 DVD as a repository. I was wondering if I should leave it disabled or turn it back on? Will it come in handy, be needed later, etc.?



If you also have the main repo enabled, any software that you want to install and that has not been updated, will be fetched over the net and not from DVD. If you prefer to save bandwidth, with the hassle of having to insert the DVD when asked to, then you should reenable the DVD repo.

If you have a fast internet connection, you might as well leave it disabled. I find it a pain to have to insert the dvd every time Yast decides to take rpms from the install dvd.

It is better to leave it disabled. At least when the installing system requires something you are sure it gets the latest versions not the ones you have on dvd

fwiw, you can set up the iso file as a repository, or decompress into a directory and do the same.

No that’s not a danger. The installer is smart enough to pick the latest version from the main repo, provided you have it enabled, which it should be in the default install.

i agree with Ken_yap, better to have it than to need it later & not have it, & i always have the repo added just in case i damage/scratch/lose the dvd, this repo just add your arch to the end


If you’re going to use an online repo for “oss” and “non-oss”, and you live in the U.S. (as in “jimusa”?), then it’s a good idea to use one of the mirrors. It takes the load off the openSUSE servers, and it can be a lot faster for downloading. On the latter point, I’ve found considerable diff between the mirrors. The ibiblio mirror in the East is very slow, as is the server at Georgia Tech that’s 50 miles away, while the tds server in Wisconsin is very, very fast (so is the server in SFran). Choose which works best for you. All, disable the autofresh via YaST; these filesets don’t change and so refreshing the cache is a waste of time.