Should I install OpenSuse do I have a good chance it'll be added to my present dual boot?

I suppose it would, but would you say there’s at least a 95% chance it’ll be done and smoothly too?
Presently I’m running Win8.1 and Ubuntu 14.10.
I don’t mean to seem overly picky, but time is of the essence when you have a family to attend, a full-time job, and a bit left for personal use, if you know what I mean.

At the moment I’m downloading the OpenSuse ISO to create a Live USB Stick and try it out first. I read OpenSuse is the best Linux distro to run 3D graphics, so I want to confirm that by trying Blender and see it can make use of my video cards to render. Ubuntu has not been able to do that, and Windows crashes trying.

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You do understand it all depend on the hardware. Which you did not mention. But if the live DVD runs ok then chances are very good an install will be ok also. When you start jamming 3 OS together you need to fully understand partitioning and booting. To make things more interesting we now have machines with EFI BIOS and we find that not all EFI BIOS are equal. This is way it is important to have some idea about the hardware to be used. Video card are the single biggest reason for trouble after an install. Again we don’t know what you have.

So it is truly hard to say you will have little trouble when you have given no hard information.

Thanks for replying gogalthorp
Fair enough.

CPU: AMD Phenom II X3 710
Graphics: nVidia Geforce GTX 560, nVidia Geforce GT 520
Motherb: AsusTek M4A78-E

I hope this helps


I see nothing preventing a good install that you run Ubuntu is a good indicator. Though I don’t know why Ubuntu would not have good graphics you did install the NVIDIA driver right?

After initial install, you may get a black screen before login. If that happens, boot the failsafe mode and use Yast to install the appropriate nVidia driver that matches your graphics card.

If you need help with that, come back here and let us know.

gogalthorp, yes. I had tried most drivers showing in the Software & Updates control panel to no avail. Mind you just that issue has taken me well over 6 months in trying this trying that, not fun.

Fraser_Bell, thanks for the reassurance, and the help offer, I’ll take that rain cheque for sure.