Should I install from a newer snapshot?

I have the Tumbleweed 4GB DVD installation burned to a disc, and it is the first snapshot of 2016. Is it good idea to install Tumbleweed in my laptop using this DVD or is it better* to download the latest snapshot? (…which I am trying to download since morning but it fails all the time… And 4GB don’t get downloaded very fast either…)

*or it doesn’t matter because I can use

zypper up

and make my system completely up to date without the need to download the latest snapshot?


Well, it depends.
Of course you can install from the old DVD and then update (upgrade) your system.

The question is whether you save much download though.
Nearly everything has changed since then, I suppose.

Although, doing “zypper up” (or probably better “zypper dup”) will only download what you have installed.
So it might be smaller than downloading the latest DVD.

Another option would be the NETinstaller, which is quite small and downloads everything else anyway.

I will use the old snapshot even though I would like to see if the installer has been updated since then

(excuse me but what is the difference between “zypper up” and “zypper dup”?)

Download a newer snapshot.

I suggest that, because there was a very large update, with almost everything updated, since that “first snapshot of 2016”. So updating your system will be downloading much of that 4G anyway.

Of course the installer has been updated since then, but if the old one works for you that should be irrelevant.

If you use the NET-install CD, you’ll always get the latest installer, as even that is downloaded.

(excuse me but what is the difference between “zypper up” and “zypper dup”?)

“zypper up” installs all updates, “zypper dup” does a “Distribution UPgrade”.

Normally there should be no difference, especially if you only have the standard repos.

The main difference is that “zypper dup” will not take care of where the packages come from and just take the latest version from all configured repositories, while “zypper up” will not change packages to a version from a different repo.

But “dup” might remove some packages that are no longer available.