short freeze's on machine's with Nvidia-Card & Nvidia-Driver

I hope this is the failure:
The freeze’s on my machine only appears when i monitor the temperature of
the gpu. Normally i use gkrellm to monitor temperatures including the gpu temperature.
When i stop gkrellm there a no more freeze’s on my system.
Then i started nvdock which also monitor the gpu temperature and the freeze’s
are back. Stopping nvdock make the system working normally.
I have done a few reboots now, warm and also cold starts und everything works normal.

I hope this is useful. Confirmation is welcome.


System data: AMD P2 X4 940, Nvidia GTS 250, openSUSE 11.3, Nvidiadriver 256.44,
Gigabyte Mainboard GA-MA78G-DS3H rev.2,8GB RAM, KDE 4.4.95,

Hello kaiserhg

The nail on the head. :wink:
I to had freeze’s every 4 or 10 seconds normal work was not possible

I use Gkrellm with temp from the gpu.

Seeing you post i removed it and i had a normal running system.
To make it stick this way remove nvidia-settings.desktop from your home/username/ .config/autostart

I have the same problem.
The presented idea works fine. Probably when nVidia occupies the interrupt, gkrellm during access freezes the system.

Before I disable nVidia dock I would like to make sure that is safe…

Is ndock responsible for any power managment of nVidia cards? Before I installed nVidia drivers I almost fried my GPU (using defauls SUSE driver after DVD install), so next time I must be careful.

I’m having these freezes and I’m not running any temperature monitoring applications, Suse 11.3 KDE 64bit, nvidia 256.35.

In my case it is directly connected with gkrellm. If I De-select monitoring GPU then no freezes, otherwise lags.

However I did not stop nVidia dock. I just disabled in nVidia monitoring of GPU and it did help … for 2 weeks :?

Was fine and now freezes came back! I checked nVidia dock, still de-selected.

I have SUSE 11.3 x64 as in the footnote.

Maybe it is this bug:

Ha-ha-ha, removing GPU temperature from Gkrellm does the trick!!! :))) LOL