short edit window

In I left out the keyword “directory” that makes my comment potential trouble for a reader. I didn’t notice until after then next comment followed almost an hour later. A bigger edit window sure would be nice.

While I understand what you want and in this case it would not introduce many problems, a general possibilty to change already posted posts will most probably create many problems for the flow of the discussion.

I a case like this, you could use the report button and ask staff to change.
I looked in your post (#17 I quess), but could not decide where to put it. Can you be more specific?

Have a look at the edit I did, in future just report if the edit window is up and the required changes and we can sort it out.

And the quickest way is of course to post a new post asap after you find out about the error.

Thank you!

Such as … ? In the past the reason for short edit window was stated to be NNTP users - they would miss any changes. Now NNTP gateway is officially dead. What problems do you foresee?

It creates an opportunity to clarify, e.g. . Editing more than a few minutes later is not at all unusual on LQ, e.g.’s-motherboard-4175681672/ , even days later , and I can’t recall seeing any problems created by edits to a post after it was quoted there.

While you ar correct that the NNTP interface is not an argument at the moment, it is clear to me that changing post #1 sicnificantly after people read it and maybe answered to it in posts #2, #3, etc., can create all sorts of confusion.

The input window can be resized.
Grab the right lower corner and drag it up or down.

If I’m writing something particularly long and need to see what I’ve already written, I re-size.


What if it does? Unless a mod kills the thread, it can be clarified by further posts.

It is clear to me that an ambiguous post that receives no responses after more than one day is highly likely to stay that way absent editing to clarify and thus attract response(s).