shim uefi key management screen

Hi all,

since about a month (I guess, sorry) I get sometimes (not always) when booting, prior to the grub menu a blue screen saying “shim uefi key management”.
This gives me options to boot, or to load a key or a hash.
I don’t know what triggered it in the first place, i don’t know why it doesn’t show up on every boot, and I don’t know what it’s about…

My PC has an Asus prime B250M-A motherboard, I run TW from a SSD, and I haven’t made any changes in ‘BIOS’- or boot configuration.
Since I’m completely unfamiliar with this, I don’t know what more info to provide.

When googling for this topic I found several postings by people saying they were locked out of their Fedora/ubuntu install, with apparently no option but to reinstall.
So far I can boot, but I don’t hope this is an early warning for upcoming problems.

Does anybody recognize this, and can explain in simple wordings what it is, and what I have to do to loose this blue screen before it gets dangerous?



“mokutil --list-new” after openSUSE is booted should list pending enrollment requests.

I hadn’t remember the ‘MOK’ word from the blue screen, so didn’t find that post in this forum.
I guess now I have to wait for that blue screen again to give my root pw.

My recollection is that it shows up after every kernel update (until you have accepted the new key).