Shift to 11.4 Boot Screen

hi guys,
can anyone advice me on how to remove the 12.1 boot screen and replace it with the 11.4 one? i didnt like the colour (its way too bright and minty) and graphics of the new one. the old one was much better. waiting for your reply.

The easiest way I can think off:

  1. Download the bootsplash-branding-opensuse package from 11.4
  2. downgrade current package, by first removing it and installing downloaded one, or using rpm force on the package
  3. Now you should have 11.4 bootsplash images in /etc/bootsplash/themes/openSUSE
  4. Move this directory to /etc/bootsplash/themes/openSUSE_11.4. (otherwise packages will be overridden when applying updates)
  5. Edit the /etc/sysconfig, set system–>boot–> theme to the openSUSE_11.4 directory
  6. mkinitrd

Also you might want to consider altering the gfxboot branding :wink:

This can be done by fetching the 11.4 gfxboot branding package, obtain the message file from that archive and override the /boot/message file. This needs to be repeated whenever an update renews the gfxboot branding package, which does not occur very often.