shift key is not working


my shift keys are not working. i have a hp laptop elitebook 840. when i connect an external keyboard it works fine. i changed the cooler little time ago. maibe i broke the keyboard somehow, but just after it worked at least a week. please help. i have gnome interface.

victor marian

It is more likely to be a hardware problem than a software problem. Maybe there’s a faulty switch/sensor somewhere.

it seems that all the modifier keys are not working. it’s strange. when i press ctrl alt del it should power off.

Pull keyboard off the laptop and recheck the ribbon cable connection, wipe connector contacts on laptop with isopropyl alcohol on a lint free cloth, let dry and reconnect ribbon cable.

thank you. i’ll try.

To test things it might be handy to install and run xev.

Running that will show you every mouse move and keyboard press, that way you know, low-level, if the Shift key is working.