shell script waiting for shortcut to execute mouse click

What I want to achieve through a shell script is - after executing it from the command line - that by means of a keyboard shortcut my mouse clicks on a give location on the screen.

In detail:

  • a dual monitor setup (1 extended desktop)
  • 3 instances of konqueror are open running the same Java applet
  • i activate this script from the com. line (./myscript)
  • when I click for example ctrl+h my mouse should click the OK button in the first konqueror screen, when i click ctrl+l i should click a cancel button in the 2nd konq screen (the actual shortcut combo doesn’t matter, any will do for me)
  • the resized konq screen are always in the same line up, so the location where the mouseclick should happen is a fixed position
  • I run kde 3.5.9 r 49.1 on opensuse 11.0

Some questions I have

  • Unsure where to start, the proper vocabulary to start my search, the best way/tool to achieve this … (on a windows box i would probably do this with autohotkey).
  • Does it matter what application i use, does I have to address the application window in my script or is an x/y coordinate enough?
  • Does it matter that I have a dual monitor setup? (my main monitor is the right one, where the panel is located).
  • Whats the best tool to determine the exact x/y coordinations where the click needs to happen?

Any thoughts, tips, links to howto’s, example scripts to get me started are much appreciated and very welcome.