Shasum failed on Leap 42.3

Hello, my name is Markus,

I test Leap 42.3 from iso DVD burnt by myself to add it on multiboot server. But shasum returns :

herald@debian:~$ cd Downloads/
herald@debian:~/Downloads$ ls
herald@debian:~/Downloads$ shasum -c openSUSE-Leap-42.3-DVD-x86_64.iso.sha256 
openSUSE-Leap-42.3-DVD-x86_64.iso: FAILED
shasum: WARNING: 14 lines are improperly formatted
shasum: WARNING: 1 computed checksum did NOT match

Could you help me to fix it please ? …

Best regards, Markus.

How do you download the ISO?
It has the wrong checksum…

shasum -c openSUSE-Leap-42.3-DVD-x86_64.iso.sha256 
openSUSE-Leap-42.3-DVD-x86_64.iso: OK
shasum: WARNING: 14 lines are improperly formatted

I’m not sure what you are looking for.

On that same check, I get:

% shasum -c *6
openSUSE-Leap-42.3-DVD-x86_64.iso: OK
shasum: WARNING: 14 lines are improperly formatted

It looks as if you have a bad download.

Hello Freunde,

Thank you for your answer.

I’m Swiss and I 'm looking for a good french version (Französischsprachige Schweiz). I downloaded Leap here :


The last attempt to install Leap abort with a warning advice : “Wrong digest”.

Do you mean it’s better to download from english or german legacy website ?

Also, I could kept English or German version…

Best regards, Markus.

As far as I know, you should get the same install .iso file. It shouldn’t matter what language you are using to start the download.

I have always download with the meta4. I use “aria2c” on opensuse. The firefox “down them all” should be the equivalent.

It looked to me as if you were using a torrent. And that is supposed to check the validity of downloads. But I’ve never use torrent with opensuse. I guess I could try to see if I get a good or bad download. So starting a torrent download now. I’ll post again when it is done.

My torrent download completed (using “ktorrent”). And it was a good download. I checked with the sha256sum file that I already had.

I only use torrent, because each downloaded piece of the file is checked with a checksum.

It may be that, the link to the download server was not quite as good as it should be.
Please inspect the list of servers listed under “Pick mirror” (“Server wählen” – “Choisir un miroir”): <;.
[HR][/HR]It doesn’t matter which language your Web Browser is using – the ISO images are multi-lingual – but, the download (mirror) server to use is sometimes critical …

Hallo Freunde,

At first, thank you very much for your help : my Leap installation troubles are fixed with your Tips.

I take time to answer because I test few installation Ways. In fact, I think it’s really better to install iso from German Mirror with German Tongue and Browser setup, iso from English Mirror with English Tongue and Browser setup, etc …

If you cross the selection, in my case : iso from German Mirror with French Tongue setup, the installation fails ; Or iso from French Mirror with German Tongue setup, the shasum and installation fail.

I write you this Post from the new Leap Server of mein schweizer Freund : Leap displays very beautiful Design according to her. And the simple solution is to install the French language Package at last, like your Advice.

Could you help me now to put ‘SOLVED’ flag on this Post, please ?

Kindest regards and Vielen Dank, Markus.

AFAIK the openSUSE Forum doesn’t have a flag indicating “Solved” but, it’s solved anyway.
Have fun!