Sharp fonts on KDE 4.2

I’m running Suse 11 32 bit and have decided to upgrade from KDE 3.5 to KDE 4.2 (4.2.2 “release 114”).

When I first started up, Plasma crashed. I rebooted and this time it was ok.
But my fonts look terrible. Very fuzzy on some menus, and normal on others.
Also the writing underneath the deskop icons is normal in the top half of the screen and fuzzy at the bottom.

I disabled all Desktop effects, enabled anti-aliasing, set my fonts to 96dpi and tried different plasma themes. No change.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m using Liberation - give them a go](


I had also an issue with fuzzy fonts but setting the hinting style to full in the anti aliasing settings fixed the problem for me, maybe this helps you as well :slight_smile:

Have a lot of fun

Thanks. I reset everything to default, did a restart and then set the anti-aliasing. That did it.