Sharing Windows drive in linux to Vista

So I have a freshly installed and updated suse 11.1 (finally) on my desktop. I am super happy with it. My wife, however, is not. Becasue I chose to have opensuse installed on the desktop, it takes away her network drive she was using to get music on her laptop. Here is the setup:

Desktop - Dual Boot Suse 11.1 + Vista64
Laptop - Dual Boot Suse 11.1 + Vista64
Wife’s Laptop - Vista32

My wife has a network setup through the desktop to which she gets almost all of her music files from. This only works when Vista is booted up though.
When Linux is up she can’t connect to the network and she gets the “!” mark next to all her songs in itunes (and if you know anything about itunes and missing files you know that if you sync your ipod it will erase all the files it cant find).

I can see the Windows files from linux, but is it possible to be in liux and share the windows folder so that my wife can get her files again? I have seen tutorials on sharing linux drives to windows and vice versa…but not sharing a windows drive to a windows computer while in linux.

Did that make sense? I hope so. Thanks to whoever can help. Swerdna? :slight_smile:

Sounds like you need to install Samba shares on the network.

I figured I would have to install samba, but will that allow the windows HD to be shared so it can be viewed on a vista computer? I know how to share my linux drives, but I wasnt sure it was the same for my Windows HD. Thanks.

I think that you have your music files in a windows NTFS partition on the desktop. Q1: Is that right?

If that’s right then you can make that partition readable and writable in openSUSE and then share it (via Samba) to the network so your wife can map the network drive on her laptop.

So there are two steps:

  1. Mount the NTFS partition read/write in openSUSE
  2. Share it so she can map it in vista

Q2: have you done step 1?
Q3: how far are you with step 2?