sharing of chromium settings

I have a triboot windows suse 11.3 stable and suse 11.3 factory pc, I would like to share the browsers and email settings between the suse stable and factory, I succeed with thunderbird and firefox moving the /home/.thunderbird and /home/.mozilla in an ext3 shared partition and linking these in the respecive /homes, I found that there isn’t a /home/.chromium folder, I found probably /usr/lib64/chromium could be the same as /home/.mozilla for firefox, but I don’t know if is secure or can damage my system to move this in a ext3 partition and then link this to the respective /usr/lib64/chromium, /usr/lib64/chromium has root owner, root group, visible and modifiable for root and only visible for group and other.
any suggestion? is there any other way to share chromium settings?

thnx Pierluigi

It’s in


in my /home/user/.config there isn’t a google-chrome folder :frowning:

sorry it’s in /home/user/.config/chromium/ :slight_smile:

Sorry I use google-chrome - I wasn’t thinking

Ok thanks it go well, only a problem, when I change from one suse to the other and open chromium pops this message:

Il profilo potrebbe essere utilizzato dal processo 5407 sull’host
Se sei sicuro che nessun altro processo stia utilizzando questo profilo, elimina il file /home/pla/.config/chromium/SingletonLock e riavvia Chromium.

that in English is about:
The profile could be used by the process 5407 on the host.
If you are sure that no other process is using this profile, delete the file /home/pla/.config/chromium/SingletonLock and restart chromium.

I did this and its everything ok, but is it possible to eliminate this behaviour of chromium? or I have to add some script to delete that file?