Sharing Network Connection With Wireless Card and A Switch

I have no experience in networking what so ever in OpenSUSE but I have a little in Ubuntu and Ubuntu Server etc.

My question is:

How do I take the wireless network card: Atheros Communications Inc. AR5413 and send the internet connection to a switch that I can hook my other servers into with an Ethernet cord to share the connection?

Do I need to do anything specific with the other servers?

Do you mean you receive the internet on the wireless card and you want to feed the internet through an ethernet card in your computer to a wired switch where other computers will connect to the internet courtesy of your computers wireless link. [this is also knows ans internet connection sharing, is that what you’re looking for?]

PS If that’s what you mean, this might help: openSUSE ICS: Internet Connection Sharing (Linux IP Masquerading) with Suse or Windows Servers

Yes, I want to receive the internet from my wireless card, feed it through the ethernet card to my switch then hook my other severs up to that switch.

OK, use Linux IP Masquerading as in the link I gave you. Use the segment titled OpenSUSE Server. The wired ethernet card is used as the “gateway”. The wireless interface is used as the “active interface” and is linked to the “external zone” in the firewall.

Ok another question, so for some reason my server doesnt want to install OpenSUSE cause it wont partition a drive and fails so Im falling back to Ubuntu Server with ubuntu-desktop GUI and I set up eth0 to “Share Connection” what do I need to do to connect OpenSUSE to that?

OpenSUSE will be the “client”

Now does YaST manage wireless cards and WPA?

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