sharing internet connection on opensusse 11.0

please somebody help help share internet connections with clients on the above os

  1. Seeing this is your first post her: welcome and we hope you find here what you are looking for.

  2. That said, we realy need more information about what you mean. We are not at your place, thus we can not see/guess what you have, do, want to do, etc. Only one half line of problem description is seldom enough for even the most clairvoyant boy/girl to understand fully what the problem is.

  3. 11.0 is allready beyond support. While your problem might be universal to all levels of openSUSE (or even all Linuxes), consider moving up to a supported level (11.4 is the newest).

If you are looking to share a connection from one computer to another so the second can access the internet through the first, what they call ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) in windows language, the method is discussed here: openSUSE ICS: Internet Connection Sharing (Linux IP Masquerading) with Suse or Windows Servers