sharing htdocs folder

I am a teacher at an elementary school. I would like to do an activity with students where they create a webpage with Kompozer and then post it to the htdocs folder on my Opensuse web server, where it can be accessed on our lan. It would be good if finding this folder was as simple as browsing the network, where the folder could be found.

I’ve used Yast to share the folder through Samba. I can view the Opensuse computer by browsing the entire network, then the domain. when I double click the computer (suselampserver) I get a message that says it is not accessible.

Is there an easier way to do this that I do not know of? What might I be doing wrong? Thanks.

It would be helpful to have the entire text of any error messages.

Samba is certainly a means to do this. However, browsing a “share” on Linux goes through the similar authentication process as a Windows file server would. That means, those wishing access to a Linux Samba share must provide some sort of authentication (username/password). Either the “Guest” account needs activated or, you need to create accounts for all students, or a shared account.

You will also need to ensure a “hole” is punched into the Linux box’s firewall.

Also, check out PDF version of the Troubleshooting Techniques chapter from the second edition of Sam’s Teach Yourself Samba in 24 Hours (Dec. 2001)

As suggested above you probably want to add the guest-ok option to the share so no password/username is required.

You’ll also need to make it so that students have write permissions by giving the guest user ‘nobody’ read and write access. Or like mentioned above create an account for every student, add them a group and give this group write access.
You might also want to look at an old thread of me as I had some problems.