Sharing folders between host and guest using Virtualbox?

Hi, I’m using Virtualbox 4.3.6 r91406 (current last version, installed via .rpm package) with Extension Package already installed. The host is OpenSUSE 13.1 and the guest is Windows XP SP3. I’m trying to share the host folder located at /media/Arquivos/Download. I added this folder to Settings >> Shared Folders in Virtualbox settings, but guest OS can’t see it. I also tryed to execute the suggested command by Virtualbox:

net use x:\\vboxsvr\Download

But guest OS says it can’t find it. Here are some print screens:

Am I doing something wrong? Is there any additional configuration or procedure that I have to perform in order to share this folder?

You typed:

net use x:\\vboxsrv\Downloads

But there should be a space between the device name (“x:”) and the share path ("\vboxsrv\Downloads").
So this should work:

net use x: \\vboxsrv\Downloads

Hi, thanks for your reply. You are right, I misspelled it here, but I typed it right on Windows XP, sorry for that. I’ve just solved the problem by installing "Guest Additions’. I rebooted Windows XP in safe mode (to be able to install DirectX support too), opened the bottom Virtualbox bar, Devices >> Insert Guest Additions CD Image. Now everything is working properly lol!