Sharing encrypted /home

I’m asking this question in this forum because it has to do with testing pre-release versions. Currently, I’m running openSUSE with /home encrypted. I would like to help out the developers by running pre-release versions of openSUSE. In the past, whenever I had >1 distro installed, I would use the same /home partition. Is that possible if my /home is encrypted? If so, what extra steps would I need to take to properly install?

My ultimate goal is to run the alpha/beta as my primary (how else am I going to be able to help but to use it all the time) with the actual release being in there if the pre-release breaks. I don’t have to use the same /home, but I wanted to find out now, so I can redo my install now (all of my data is still on my external from when I did my partitioning this past week).

I look forward to being able to help out in some way. :slight_smile:

Yes. You only need a kernel and cryptsetup, both of which are distro-independent.