shareing a usb 3g modem

hello all!

i’m running suse 11.2 and using a ZTE mf627. thus far i can connect to the internet using usb_switcher/vwdial but i want to share it across a LAN.

all the how-to’s on connection sharing I’ve seen use the network manager/network settings, but the device doesn’t show up in either :frowning:

any advice?

To share it across the lan you use the ethernet card to connect to a single machine or to connect to a switch or the wan port of a router if it’s many machines. Then set up for Internet Connection Sharing (windows terminology) or as we call it in Linux IP Masquerading.

Here’s a tutorial: openSUSE ICS: Internet Connection Sharing (Linux IP Masquerading) with Suse or Windows Servers

thanks for the help :slight_smile: