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I currently have a USB printer configured successfully in Opensuse 11.2 and have printed a test page from the attached computer. I also printed a test page from a windows machine using the http://{hostname}:631/printers web interface. When I attempt to configure a windows driver (on windows XP) I succeed using either the IP address of the OpenSuSE box or using the hostname resolved by a DNS Server (fully qualified matching the entry on the YAST network config page with the IP address) however when I attempt to print a test page the test page does not transmit and is flagged as an error in windows. I suspect I am not utilizing a “raw” printer queue as indicated is required from another site. How can I create a raw printer queue name using either YAST or by editing the appropriate config file. Or do I have a different problem? (maybe the queue exists and I am using the wrong name, maybe?) The queue name I am using is Deskjet-D1500-series. TIA

You’d best set up SAMBA. It allows you to share folders and printers on linux with Windows machines and users.

Google ‘opensuse samba’ and you have what you need.

I found the answer this morning.

Linux Printer Sharing: Suse/openSUSE 10.x 11.x IPP Print Server for Linux & Windows Clients

This was the missing step.

Check the file /etc/cups/mime.convs and make sure the line containing the following term is uncommented