Share Network connections on 12.1

Hi all
i am a little confused as it has been a while since i have used any linux distro.

I have a IBM xSeries 345 Server with 2 gigabit nic’s one is going direct to the router via DHCP and the other nic is going to a PFSence Server but for some reason i cannot get network share to work over Yast2.

Both network cards are installed and working on their own.

i have followed the tutorial for setting up ICS (openSUSE ICS: Internet Connection Sharing (Linux IP Masquerading) with Suse or Windows Servers)

some help would be greatfull.

i bypassed the PFSence server to see if it will work as well with no joy.



Samba sharing is for sharing files. ICS (masquerading) is for sharing an internet connection, it’s for feeding access to the internet through one machine (that is connected to the internet e.g. through a router) to another machine (that isn’t connected to the internet). Samba and ICS are two different things. Have you got this confused? Or am I confused (easily done)?

thats ok

i really need both connections and file sharing

so share internet connection and share folders on the server

Ok i have figured out how to get network shares working and they are working fine as well as web server / mail server is responding.
Now its just the sharing network connections.