Share Folder problem with Suse 11.2

I have a windows machine (in a domain) and I have created 2 Virtual Machines with Suse 11.2 installed on them.

Now, I want to share a folder in windows to both Suse images. I am succesfully able to do that.

I used: mount -t cifs -o user… command to mount it at /mnt/win on my linux and succesfully able to work with it.

Now, I want a user in my Linux box (both Linux images)to be able to write to the shared folder in windows (actually both linux images will write to the shared folder but it is based on acquairing locks and releasing them to be able to use the shared folder on windows).

I tried etc fstab and lot other options but my efforts were in vain.

Can someone please provide me a better, efficient solution to achieve my goal?

Simply put - I need a user in my linux box (suse 11.2) to be able to write to a windows shared folder. I appreciate if you could suggest me a good way to achieve this. Please note that I am not a Unix expert but I will try to decipher your answer if it is out of my understanding.

Thanks a lot in advance and I appreciate your reply.

#//IP.H.E.RE/FOLDERNAME_HERE /MOUNTPOINT_HERE cifs iocharset=iso8859-15,uid=YOUR_UID_HERE,gid=100,rw,workgroup=WORKGROUP_NAME_HERE,file_mode=0664,dir_mode=0775,user=USERNAME_HERE,password=PASSWORD_HERE 0 0

This is what it should look like. This way the windu share gets mounted read write for your user.

Thank you very much for the reply… I will definitely try this one out tomorrow as I go to work… and if works… all the credit to you SIR!!!

Can you please advise me that this piece of command you have given should be in the /etc/fstab file correct? Can I also run it on command prompt manually everytime I boot the machine? Just a curious question SIR…

Thanks anyways for the reply… I appreciate that…