sha1 on download page

How do I use the sha1 on provided here using downloadthemall! :wink:

You compare it with the SHA1 sum of course!

I don’t know what utilities there are for other OSes, but for Linux and other Unix-style OSes, the program is of course sha1sum, as you would expect from md5sum.

3. How to check the MD5SUM from Windows:

One completely free, MS-Windows application for running the md5 checksum on a number of different operating systems, is here on md5deep

Another gui md5 checker for MS-Windows 95/98/NT (it works in Xp as well even though it doesn’t say so). The file is md5.exe (248kB) and can be downloaded from MD5 GUI for Windows. It’s under the gpl licence and you can download the source if you want.

Fortunately, md5deep, despite its name, also checks other hashes, including SHA1. I wouldn’t call it a GUI program though, as you have to bring a command window.

The other program you mention, md5.exe, doesn’t seem to check anything but MD5, from the description on its home page.

1755a0e0fa605a2aa0cfc2751d7731bb53617e29 this is sha1 value for the file I’m currently downloading. I have winmd5Sum software should I compare in it.

Without knowing which file it is we can’t say if it’s correct.

As I said in the other thread, give us the url location where the .iso is

The md5 for that .iso is:
28841811e2a4e37a64907e7b1a369cf0 openSUSE-11.1-GNOME-LiveCD-i686.iso

The sh1 is:
1755a0e0fa605a2aa0cfc2751d7731bb53617e29 openSUSE-11.1-GNOME-LiveCD-i686.iso

If the .iso passes one of those. Then burn to cd.
The easiest way to check the burned cd is actually just to boot it and run the media check option from the boot menu.

Thanks I will check it. But I’m using a USB for booting

Of course you. What a wally me is.

Then if the .iso is OK
Away you go. If it’s not working you must be getting something wrong. Format the USB drive if you get a failure just so you know it’s nice and clean. And try again.

The Md5 sum I got is 28841811e2a4e37a64907e7b1a369cf0 >:(

That’s ok, it matches what caf4926 posted.

In case you didn’t get it, MD5 and SHA1 are 2 types of checksums with different algorithms for calculation of the hash value. SHA1 is stronger than MD5.

SHA hash functions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

SO Md5 sum I got " 28841811e2a4e37a64907e7b1a369cf0 " is o.k ?:\

Check and double check.
What size is your usb device
What format is it

2 Gb Sony USM2GL
filesystem FAT

Filename openSUSE-11.1-GNOME-LiveCD-i686

Is there already created USB image as it is mentioned here Live USB stick - openSUSE