SFTP:/ is Slow in KDE 4 (openSUSE 11.2)

While testing new gigabit-switch, I noticed
that file transfer through KIO sftp:/ is much slower in KDE 4 (.3.4) in my system compared to KDE 3. I use openSUSE 11.2

What is strange, **the problem is seen, when getting ****files **from remote system. When you put files to remote system through sftp:/, the difference does not exist (or is much smaller).

For example, when I copy 800 MB file from remote system via sftp:/ in my LAN (1 Gbit Ethernet Switch)…

  • with Konqueror 4
    I get 2.3 - 2.7 MB/s - with Konqueror 3
    I get 10 - 12.4 MB/s

As you see with Konqueror 3 I would get file 4 times faster (1 minute versus 5 minutes).

This affects at least Konqueror 4, Dolphin and Krusader/KDE4 (2.0).
Konqueror 3 and Krusader/KDE3 (1.90) are working fine.
That is why I think that it is KDE 4 KIO sftp:/ problem.

I am considering bug report, but I want to make sure that it is not just my system.

You can help me if you do the following:

  1. Download file
    (which is not too small - at least 200 - 300 MB) **through sftp:/ **with **Konqueror 3 **(or Krusader 1.90: kde3-krusader package from this repository Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE3/openSUSE_11.2)
  2. Do the same
    in Konqueror 4 (or Krusader 2.0) 1. Post back
  • download speed in Konqueror 3
    (Krusader 1.90) - download speed in Konqueror 4 **
    (Krusader 2.0) - Nominal speed of your LAN
    (e.g. 100Mbit or 1Gbit) - kdebase4-runtime
    version** (my is 4.3.4-1.3-i585 from Index of /repositories/KDE:/43/openSUSE_11.2 )

Thank you for your attention.

If anybody cares, here is bug report: