Severe regressive iSCSI bug OpenSuSE 11.0?

There seems to be a severe bug in OpenSuSE.

On OpenSUSE 11.0 x86_64,

I cannot shut down iscsitarget child processes. This is preventing stopping and restarting iscsi, and is apparently holding open the associated storage devices.

It appears that simply starting iscsitarget with the most recent kernel update prevents ever stopping the “[istd1]” and eight “[istiod1]” processes started for the first exported iSCSI device, the 9 istd2/istiod2 processes for the second, and so on. rciscsitarget start is ok, then iscsitarget stop fails due to the insmod -d failing. “In use”…by what?

When heartbeat is in control of iscsitarget, this failure causes heartbeat to reboot the system by default whenever shutting down iscsitarget, instead of proceeding in an orderly shutdown.

When the init script is patched so that the failure to insmod -d properly is masked, and ietd’s presence is used to determine if it is running, and DRBD devices backed by LVs are used instead of LVs themselves, the DRBD devices cannot be unmounted and DRBD cannot be changed to secondary mode. This also causes heartbeat to reboot.

lsof shows nothing using the drbd devices and the orphaned (? ietd is gone ?) processes with no open files

IncomingUser <deleted> <deleted>
Lun 0 Path=/dev/mapper/system-iscsi,Type=fileio
IncomingUser <deleted> <deleted>

/dev/mapper/system-iscsi is a raw unmounted LV.

No matter how simple a configuration, I cannot seem to make iscsitarget work with heartbeat and drbd.

Might be time to open a bug report against it here :

Hit new in the top menu and enter all relevant fields.

Wishing you luck!