Several Python3 versions

Dear openSUSE users,

Is it possible to have several versions of Python3 installed alongside, for instance one being marked as ‘python3’ and the other one by its point release (‘python3.5’, etc.)? if so, do I need to build openSUSE .rpms for additional versions myself?

I am a Python programmer, though I use openSUSE Leap 42.1 because of its improved reliability. Unfortunately, it has Python 3.4.1 from the Python3.x line, while Python 3.5.x is already out and Python 3.6.x in the pipeline.

Any and all help highly appreciated :).

Last I checked, all “additional” Python versions installed in openSUSE automatically include virtualenv which is the standard “Python switching” utility.

I haven’t written anything about virtualenv, but you may find what I’ve written about rbenv useful, which was created after virtualenv which works somewhat similarly to do the same thing for Ruby (run different versions of Ruby side by side).

You will probably also find the official online virtualenv User Guide useful