Several programs doesn't running anymore after some updates

Installed version are:
openSuse 11.2
KDE 4.4.4

After installing some upates does my firefox will not starts anymore. And I have no idea why. It’s seems not really a problem with firefox itself, because some other programs can’t be started as well.
Such as eclipse or Googles Chrome

It’s appears only for few secounds the program in the task bar, and disappears then.
Is there some log file or something like this, there I could see what happens in the start procedure of the firefox program?

Or maybe someone has a good idea why my firefox doesn’t starts anymore.

Check via another non root user first if so it would point to something in the hidden firefox folder.

If still nothing then try running from the console see if you get anything useful as it forks/detaches try.

NSPR_LOG_MODULES=all:5 firefox > ff_dump.txt 2>&1

You’ll have a file called ff_dump.txt (This will be very noisy though and probably more advanced as in it will be assisting a bugzilla report).

I’d also try a zypper ve see if something is not quite right and is fixed with that. Actually try this first I suspect something that all 3 share is causing problems.

In the txt file was written this:

-1218643712[b731c320]: Loaded library a.out (init)
/usr/lib/firefox/firefox: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: XRRGetScreenResourcesCurrent

After that, I have checked some x11 libraries with yast and there was one which has a newer version available as it was installed. After the updating of these x11 library was it possible to start the firefox and all other programs.

Thank you very much, for your quick help.

No problem, you’re welcome.

Thank you for posting the solution it may yet help some one else.