Several config items

Brand new to openSUSE, but have a configured, working Kubuntu 8.04 partition and XP MCE (triple boot with System Commander 9). I had some issues with 11.0 RC1 where Dolphin refused to load after I deleted the desktop icon. I went to Install Software and de-selected Dolphin thinking I needed to remove it in order to re-install it but it ticked off several hundred MBs of stuff and anyway now it works. BUT, and here’s where the config items questions come in:

  1. The icon changed to a generic ‘computer’ icon and it won’t let me change it back to the Dolphin icon
  2. My ‘start menu’ briefly lost the ability to switch to classic but after a reboot I got the classic launcher back BUT then its icon also changed but to an arrow. I tried removing the panel and adding it but now it appears to the right of the clock and I can’t move it. How does one move it back to the left?
  3. Just a note: for a brief moment, I lost the ability to type a lower-case ‘e’ in Menu Editor. Upper-case ‘E’ ok;all other lower-case letter ok. Anyway, a logout and login and I’m back in business.
  4. My remaining desktop icons have big backgrounds on them and I can’t seem to remove them no matter what style or theme or whatever I try. Any hints?
  5. Does or will openSUSE have an equivalent to Kubuntu’s Add/Remove Programs that lists available programs with titles and descriptions? I have no idea what I may want and only having an open string search available is daunting.
  6. I use a PC Card D-Link wireless (used ndiswrapper and the card supplied driver) so I don’t use the laptop’s builtin Broadcom wireless or the wired very often; any way to remove those two icons from the tray? The Broadcom is wlan0.
  7. How does one get programs down in a panel-would drag and drop work? I don’t want to add applets-I want to add actual program icons next to the multidesktop panel. Dolphin was there but I removed it while trying to change the icon.

Any help with any of these items would be greatly appreciated. I intend to continue to mess around with RC1 (no point in RC2) until the GA on the 19th at which time I’ll do a clean install so no carry-over issues.