Setup network with command line

My upgrade from 15.0 to 15.1 got broken by a btrfsmaintence package installation, leaving my os unable to boot into kde.

I now can boot into icewm but there is no network connection. When I try to use wicked in Yast2, it gives me an error asking me to report the problem.

So I’m trying to use command line under TTY1 to set up the network then I can try to uninstall btrfsmaintance package and upgrade again.

At the moment, when I do IP interfaces, my wlan1 is shown down. When I do “wicked ifup wlan1”, it says there’s no config for this interface.

Any guide to follow to set up the simple network with gateway at “” and ip address at “”?

It might be easier to boot from the live system, which will give you a network. Then go into rescue mode (chroot into the system) with the network already running.

(added with edit): consider using the DVD installer or 15.1 to upgrade the system to 15.1.

You should also check that the network device node exists first, otherwise you have other issues to sort out first.

ip link

Hardware and drivers…

/usr/sbin/hwinfo --netcard

From there is should be possible to configure via ncurses yast.

As you mention wlan1, you’ll need to make sure that you’re getting associated with an AP first.

iw list

Some good information regarding the iw command and getting a working wifi connection from CLI…

Once you have a working wifi connection then you can proceed with assigning addresses and gateways…

ip address add dev wlan1
 ip route add default via

For name resolution to work, you’d also need to add a valid nameserver.

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Thanks. Arch linux wiki helped me set up the network via command line. The OS is upgraded eventually.

Thanks for the update. Glad to have been of guidance.