Setup local mail server SMTP

I’m setting up my own company (at the moment just me, but I hope to grow and hire some employees in a couple of years).

I’ve bought a new HP Laserjet (M3035xs MFP) with “scan to mail” functionalities. HP recommends that I should set up a local SMTP server so that the Laserjet use this local address to mail me the scans.

Can you explain how I could setup a local SMTP server for this purpose (so only to send mail between the HP and my mail account)? I would like to use my regular SMTP server ( for all mails to the outside world.

I don’t have any server or networking experience, and I’m only used with the basic commands. So don’t make it too complicated :slight_smile: I’m running a small file server 24 x 7 locally on opensuse 11.1 which can also be used for this local SMTP server.

Tx for your help.


If you are going to use it on a local network, use the option “send-to-network-folder” instead of “send-email” option on the printer. This printer/scanner can send the output to a network-folder directly. So, you need to setup a folder on the server for that and the scanned files will appear there. It is easier to setup than setting up a mail server.