setup firewall for amule (using DHCP)

How can I setup my firewall to work with amule? I’ve saw several examples on the internet, but all of then supose that my computer had an IP Address. I can’t set one IP address because I’m using DHCP. So I probably get a different IP addressa when I turn on my computer.

I’m using opensuse 11.1 in a desktop computer. I don’t have a network here. But I’m use a cable-modem to connect on Internet. My computer is pluged in cable-modem using a network card with DHCP.

Have a look here
A Quick Bittorrent Guide (with screenshots) - openSUSE Forums

Forget that is not written for amule. Just look at the Suse System section where there are shots of the firewall.

Basically. Open Yast - Security - Firewall
go to allowed services
then the advanced button

add there tcp/udp ports for amule


I’ve already opened he ports. But Kad is still under firewall.
I’ve already saw tips to resolve this problem, but I’m using an DHCP. I don’t have a fixed IP. Maybe I get a different IP anytime I turn on my computer.

If your ISP is giving you dynamic IP not fixed, then it is likely your IP will be different each time. But this should not affect filesharing. I’m not familiar with ‘amule’. But surely it just requires open ports in the firewall and the router if you have one.

I’ve said instructions that tell me to add forwarding rules in firewall. But this rules require me to use my machine IP.
When I try to open the door, the firewall asks me to set the machine IP too. What should I put if I haven’t a fixed IP?


Your machine IP and your IP from your ISP are totally different. You will need your machine IP for port forwarding in the router but not the suse firewall.

I always have fixed IP’s in my router for all devices that connect to it. You do that by assigning a specific IP in the range to each MAC address of the devices that connect.

The suse firewall is simply a matter of opening ports, IP’s don’t come into it.

Hi there, hope you have over come the problem, other wise is quite simple.
1.Go the YaST and click on security and users
2.Click Fire Wall will get Firewall Configuration!STARTUP

4.Pick the third line, ALLOWED SERVICES
5.Click Advanced the TCP port enter 4662:4672
7.Click OK then Next, and BOB is your Uncle all done.

The two port Numbers are in the preference of the aMule, in the connection section!


FWIW the designation 4662:4672 means eleven consecutive ports starting at 4662 and ending at 4672. Is that what you wanted?

I just used tha colon to separated there is no need for them it should be

4662 4672 with space in between! but please no commas etc!