setup a nameserver with opensuse 11.4

hi all, i’ve just setup a vps server with 11.4 everything is almost look fine now, but i couldn’t setup a nameserver, i’ve searched on the internet about that but directories is different in suse. anyway i registered a domain on onlinenic yesterday and i want to use this domain as a nameserver and my hostname. how can i do that ? and do i need to have at least 2 ip for that ?

Best practice requires that you have at least two nameservers for a domain. If you are doing anything mission critical you should consider this. Does your hosting ISP not offer domain services? If you are not accustomed to maintaining nameservers, it’s better to use off-the-shelf services. Due to the lifetimes of DNS records, if you make a configuration mistake and send out records with the wrong info it could be hours or even days before the bad records expire from the Internet.

I’m sure you understand that registering a domain doesn’t give you a nameserver automatically, just the right to use that domain name. It’s like registering your business name with the government. You still have to contact the Yellow Pages company to get your business listed.

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yes i understand that a registered domain doesn’t give a ns, i mean how can i setup bind on my server for that domain. you’re right about record mistakes, actually i didn’t want my isp to setup this, i want to make myself. isn’t there any howto or wiki about that ?

Look for tutorials on the net for “configure named sles”. Or maybe try “configure named redhat”. I mention sles and redhat because the layout is most similar to what you will see on openSUSE. You have to use a bit of intelligence and allow for differences in directories and so forth. The general concepts remain the same. Consider any difficulties as part of the learning process, and feel free to post questions here when you have started on the learning curve.

Here’s one for redhat. I’ve pointed you to part 2 because part 1 is all about installing on redhat, which is not relevant to you.

Configuring BIND on RedHat (DNS under Linux) - Part 2 - Primary Name Server for a Zone

I do not recommend tutorials for Debian. Debian has chosen quite a different directory layout.

thanks a lot i appreciate your help. i will give a try and if i will configure it well post back here or to wiki page.

DNS server can be setup in openSUSE very easy with yast: Chapter 25. The Domain Name System

thanks for link. i will check

you’re welcome. Actually this is why I chose openSUSE distribution instead of other distrubutions - because of Yast.
With some clicks and 1 min you can have fully functional and secured, DNS, MAIL, SAMBA, FTP, LDAP or other network service.
Also firewall, user managemnt, system managemnt, etc. In openSUSE system administration become a pleasure :slight_smile: